I am a regular contributor and moderator at Ask Historians, a reddit based community devoted to making historical knowledge accessible to a broad, public audience.

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AskHistorians Podcast – 1905

I had the chance to stop by the AskHistorians podcast to do an episode on 1905 as a part of a series on 1917 that more »

Historical Theory, Methods, Theory and Historical Thinking Podcast

A few weeks ago I recorded a podcast on historical methods, theory and historiography for the AskHistorians podcast. Thanks to the AH Podcast team for more »

Do Historians Have a Duty To Tell the Truth?

This is a rather vague, yet interesting, question coming in from AskHistorians today. Setting aside some epistemological problems that could probably derail the discussion, historians more »

Soviet Arts under Khrushchev

A quick post to give a quick primer and some additional reading on the arts in the Soviet Union, particularly under Khrushchev. Read more by more »